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C R Hill Company - 3D Wax Printing & CAD Design Services
CR Hill uses the latest in 3D printing technology to print precision models from your CAD/CAM software digital files.

We offer:Projet 3500
  • High Quality wax printing

  • Precision printing for fine jewelry to restoration car parts.

  • Designs that are protected and promptly removed from our system when completed

  • Quick turn around and delivery

  • CAD design options with our trusted design partners

Please call or send an email to to start using this state of the art technology today

Sample Pieces
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Fine Jewelry

Wax Printings 3

Wax Printings 6

Restoration Car Parts

Wax Printings 2

Wax Printings 4

Wax Printings 5

Wax Printings 5 Casted