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Castaldo LiquaCast Long Life

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Your Price: $62.50
Item Number: 19-420
Castaldo LiquaCast Long Life makes molds that are extremely strong, tough and tear-resistant. This allows this product to last despite reapeated use. It' perfect for complex molds, difficult undercuts, spirals and cores. This product is also compatible with most computer-generated CAD-CAM resin and difficult to mold CAD-CAM wax patterns.

LiquaCast Long Life is easy to use because of it's low viscosity, which means that it is easy to measure, mix, and easy to vacuum and pour. Another easy attribute of this product is the 1:1 mix ratio by either weight or volume, which unlike 1:10 ratios, allows less mistakes to be made while measuring and mixing. LiquaCast Long Life 0% shrinkage liquid RTV is a firmer rubber- ideal for delicate & difficult to inject patterns. Firmer rubber means less pattern distortion during injection.

LiquaCast Long Life rubber is yellow in color and is packaged in plastic containers in two-part kits weighing 1kg. (2.2lbs), 8kg. (17.6lbs) and 20kg. (44.0lbs). 

At this time 1kg. (2.2lbs) is only available.