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Kiln Thermocouples

A thermocouple is the temperature sensor device that is on the interior of your kiln. It looks like a metal or ceramic rod. The thermocouple is monitored by your controller to determine the temperature of your kiln. It's important to check your thermocouples because they can fail. You may want to change your thermocouple type if you have unique firing circumstances.

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PY60 Thermocouple
Your Price: $79.95
PY60 Thermocouple
1/8" diameter outer sheath
PY70 Thermocouple
Your Price: $34.95
PY70 Thermocouple
Includes beads for SC Kilns
PY-80-4 Thermocouple
Your Price: $71.85
PY-80-4 Thermocouple
18" thermocouple lead wire